Tech Gadgets Mysteries – What is a LED Watch?

To strike out looking cool with a watch to boost your personal sense of style, an LED watch is the perfect tool. These watches are designed with the latest technology in LED. The designs are great and owning one is such a fun experience.

An LED watch is an innovative watch that uses a display and lighting technology referred to as Light Emitting Diode. As opposed to the conventional watch, the LED gives crystal clear display of time. It is read differently from the way you read your conventional watch.

To tell the time on your LED watch:

* For other LED watches, telling time is simply looking at the written time on the screen. However, for the binary types, you add the upper rows to get the hours and the lower row of numbers to get the minutes and tell the time on your watch.

From the first time they appeared in the 70s, LED watches have continued to attract more people. More and more people are finding the use of these watches a cool addition to their fashion accessory. You can as well get yourself one of these super time gadgets.

Attraction of LED watches

* Digital technology makes them complex and interesting
* Cool, complicated and good for styling
* Use of LED together with digital technological is unavoidable.
* Quality watches in the market

The most famous brand of the LED watches has got to be the binary digital LED watch. This gadget has taken the market by storm. It is a complicated but cool and stylish watch. Learning to read them is interesting and they awe people with how they combine numbers to give time.

You have most likely thought of buying yourself and LED watch. You might want to consider the following before making your purchase:


* The maker of the watch in terms of design
* The price of the watch
* Working and functionality of the watch
* Design, does it meet your preferences

The costs of LED watches will depend on the design and maker of the watch. Different makers have different prices. However, on the average, they will range from US$99 on the lowest to highs of over US$400 for the high end of the market. You can still get a fair bargain for a quality watch.

If you have settled on an LED watch to buy, don’t hesitate. These gadgets have revolutionized the way people look at time. Look sophisticated telling time when others cannot. Go ahead, buy yourself one of these revolutionary watches and find out for yourself.

Tech Gadgets Mysteries, How Do LED Lights Work?

An LED light is a tiny light bulb that does not have a filament like the conventional light bulbs. Instead, they use a technology that allows small objects inside them to give out light. They don’t burn out therefore like the other light bulbs. These objects are efficient and can last a long time. You can fit your LED lamp lights into a circuit easily.

Applications of LED

* Decorative Lighting

* LED Indicators

* Retail Display Lighting

* Mobile Backlighting

* Display Backlighting

* Casino Gaming

LED lights can be found in a number of devices. You can use this electronic gadget efficiently at reduced costs. These gadgets include:

Devices with LED lights

* Digital watches and clocks

* Remote controllers

* TVs such as Plasma

* Traffic lights

However, like any other gadgets, LED lamp lights have their own limitations:

* Absorb more and there light is concentrated on one direction

When buying LED lights for your lighting needs, consider the following:


* Efficiency of the lights

* Longevity of the LEDs

* Price tags, there are expensive and affordable ones

* Color of the lights depending on your need

When in the business of selling LED lamp lights, it is important to write about the following aspects of their working:

Write on:

* Longevity, they have no filament that burns out

* Efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs

* Durability from their small plastic bags

Solve your need for LED lighting today by buying and trying the great potential these lights have to offer. They last longer, work efficiently and consume little less energy. Your normal bulbs are incomparable to them in working and delivery. Try it out today for yourself.

LCD Vs LED – Comparing Screen Technologies

First it was Plasma vs LCD. The inherent disadvantage of Plasma TVs however, caused manufacturers to invent another technology that is better. The picture quality of Plasma TVs are great but they consume too much power to achieve it. In today’s world where energy resources are scarce, electronic devices should be power efficient. The Plasma TV was scrapped and a new technology is needed.

LED or Light Emitting Diode is not a new technology. LED bulbs have been used in place of other lighting materials because of there low power consumption. They can also be easily integrated with electronic circuits making them the perfect replacement for incandescent and fluorescent lights in more advanced circuits.

Plasma TVs offered better picture quality than LCD TVs because the panel used can produce its own light. The panel is made up of several cells that contains a special gas or plasma. This plasma glows to the desired color when current is passed through it. Meanwhile, LCD TVs need to have a back-light since the panel cannot produce its own light. This makes LCD TVs less efficient because light coming from the back-light is not properly scattered.

LED TV manufacturers borrowed the idea of creating a panel that can produced its own light from Plasma TVs. But instead of using plasma cells, Light Emitting Diode TVs contain LED cells. Each cell consists of three LED, colored red, green and blue. Remember than any combination of these three colors produce all colors in existence. The combination of colors is done by passing varying intensity on the three LED. This results on a high color accuracy for all LED TVs.

Light Emitting Diode TVs immediately became popular and the LCD vs LED debate began. LED TVs are more expensive than LCD TVs although they consume less power. For the mean time, however, the cost of electricity does not balance out the cost of the LED TV. But it is expected that this new TVs will become cheaper in the near future.

There are some confusions over LED back-lit LCD TVs and LED TVs. LED back-lit LCD TVs are still LCD TVs only they are using LED as back-lights. They are cheaper and also consumes less power but the picture quality is not as good as true Light Emitting Diode TVs.

If Plasma vs LCD involves price over power consumption, LCD vs LED involves power consumption over picture quality. If you want a television which consumers less power and provides a better picture quality, then your choice should be the LED TV.

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